Aug 7, 2018

University Vision

A premier Philippine university by 2028.

University Mission

To develop virtuous human capital and sustainable innovations in a knowledge-driven global economy.

College Goal and Objectives


To be a significant contributor to society of quality manpower, relevant research  results and technologies, and responsive extension services in agriculture, food and nutrition, home science, development communication, rural development, and environment  and natural resources for sustainable development.


1.    Develop state-of –the art and innovative learning and instructional technologies and reliable student support services that are founded on high standards of social, moral and spiritual values;
2.    Carry out focused, high impact, and relevant research technology development activities for local, regional, and national development ;
3.    Develop and implement replicable models of extension delivery for sustainable agriculture, forestry, environmental science, and rural development;
4.    Implement income generating projects that showcase the generated technologies which provide income for the University; and
5.    Establish lifelong partnership with alumni towards the attainment of the college goal.