The College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development (CAFSD) is the premiere college of the university. It traces its roots from the Batac Rural High School (BRHS), which was established in 1918. In 1969, BRHS was transformed into the Ilocos Norte Institute of Technology (INIT), a pioneering college. Although, it was not formally a college yet, two major fields in agriculture were then offered. These were animal husbandry and agronomy. Thus, in 1971, INIT produced its first graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program.

On December 19, 1974, INIT was converted into Mariano Marcos Memorial College of Science and Technology (MMMCST). The college then was composed of three departments, namely: agriculture, forestry, and home technology.

The College of Agriculture (CA) was formally established when MMMCST was transformed into the Mariano Marcos State University on January 6, 1978 by virtue of Presidential Decree 1279. Its new building was constructed from 1981-1982 and on June 15, 1982; the faculty and the students finally occupied it. The college was renamed College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) in 1985.

By virtue of Memorandum No. 010-048 issued by the Office of the MMSU President on April 27, 2010, CAF was renamed College of Agriculture , Food and Sustainable Development (CAFSD) in order to reflect cohesion of program offerings and for the necessary focus expected of its status as National University of Agriculture.